May 1 - 17th Sept
5-6 Sharks
5-7 Startups
7 Cities

ABOUT JIIF Shark Angels

The JIIF Shark Angels, is an on-the-spot fundraising event curated with the intention to provide a platform to raise funds for the most revolutionary and innovative startups that will shape the upcoming future. Pitch to India’s finest businessmen, investors and professionals for breaking new ground and propelling your venture. The ideology behind curating this flagship Shark Angels event is to make the startup ecosystem more robust and scalable. JIIF aims to provide a platform for all the early-stage startups and soonicorns to make their journey more impactful by connecting them with the marquee investors and facilitating them with funding as well as business growth opportunities. It is an attempt to bring together India’s most innovative minds, true business wisdom and industry experts to make a reasonably certain success pedigree.

Event Schedule:

  • Location: Mumbai
  • Dates: May 1
  • Venue: Motilal Oswal Towers, Prabhadevi


Motilal Oswal
Pradeep Rathod
Jayanth Jain
Vinod Dugar
Prithviraj Kothari

  • Location: Pune
  • Dates: May 7


Siddharth Bagadia
Himanshu Shah
Anil Jain
Vishal Rajkumar Chordia
Vinod Dugar

  • Location: Noida
  • Dates: May 27
  • Venue: Jaypee Atlantic Sports Complex


Hemant Jain
Bajrang Bothra
Manoj Mehta
Prasan Jain
Anil Jain
Vinay Jain

Past Shark Angel events /clips-

Mumbai Event
Pune Event
Noida Event



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Motilal Oswal

Mumbai Venue Partner


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