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JITO Incubation Centre

Exclusive mentorship program from experts in the relevant Industries to fund opportunities through our investment platform's support services that offer gateway to community meetup, events, networking with access to over $120000 credits from various partners.

What is JITO Incubation Centre ?

JIIF (JITO Incubation and Innovation Foundation) has set up an incubation centre named as “JITO Incubation Centre” (JIC) with a vision to promote entrepreneurship and innovation in India.

Who can apply for incubation support from JIC ?

Entrepreneurs running an early-stage startups who have innovative ideas and the potential to scale up their businesses can Apply

What is the startup’s eligibility criteria to apply for the incubation program?

Any technology company which has a minimum 33% shareholding of a JAIN entrepreneur/s meets the eligibility criteria to apply for incubation program.

What kind of incubation support does JIC provide?

Services such as mentoring from industry experts, free credit services from agencies, affordable office space, assistance in the legal, accounting, technology and human resources domains amongst others, , etc.

Which sector of startups can enroll for Incubation Program?

Startups from all sectors can enroll. But startups operating in sectors against the Jain philosophy directly or indirectly involved in the serving or facilitating of any of the below mentioned products and/or services won’t be entertained such as :-

  • Liquor or alcohol or any form of intoxication promoting products;
  • Non-vegetarian food or any other food that is derived from violence of any form;
  • Products that are injurious to health, like tobacco, drugs, etc.;
  • Weapons or products that are destructive in nature;
  • Gambling;
  • Those forbidden by the law.
Which stage of startups can enroll for Incubation Program?

Any stage of startup can apply us for Incubation program.

What is the duration of the incubation program?

The duration of the incubation program is 3 Months.

Does JIC charge a fee for its incubation services?

JIC does not charge any fees for its incubation services, but startups are required to give a percentage of equity to JIIF.

What is the mode used for conducting the processes ?


What kind of mentorship support does JIC provide?

JIC provides mentorship support from experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts who offer guidance on business strategy, market validation, fundraising and varied topics of entrepreneurship.

What kind of networking opportunities does JIC provide?

JIC provides networking opportunities through events, workshops, and conferences where start-ups can meet potential investors, customers, and partners and benefitting the entire platform of JITO.

Does JIC offer any post-incubation support?


I still have many questions, whom should I contact?

To understand more about JIC’s incubation program, mail your queries on the below id- [email protected]

JITO Incubation Centre

We provide a 3 month incubation
programme for early stage start-ups.

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