Where potential
meets opportunity
and growth
leads the way.

JITO Shark Angels

JSA is an on-the-spot fundraising event curated with the intention to provide a platform to raise funds for the start-ups. A high power event where potential meets opportunity, individuals and group of founders have the chance to flourish, achieve remarkable results and make a positive impact in the start-up ecosystem. We have successfully organized 9 events in Season 1 participated by 53 start-ups in front of 41 sharks – leaders in the industry.

JITO Shark Angels aim at targeting holistic growth
by streamlining and innovating start-up life cycle.

  • Robust Ecosystem

  • Platform for Early-stage Start-ups

  • Networking with Marquee Investors

  • Facilitate Business Growth

  • Offer Continued Guidance

  • Onboarding Domain Expertise

Who and how does one apply for this?

If you are a JAIN you can Apply on the link on the home page for fundraising. Please note, JITO Angel Network Invests in all the community entrepreneurs and JSA in jain entrepreneurs.

Any preferred sector/stage of the start-up?

we are sector and stage agnostic. Although, we encourage idea-stage and pre-poc start-ups to enrol for our incubation program rather than funding.

What is the evaluation process post application?

In-house Screening --- Expert Analysis --- Investment Committee: This is the evaluation process and takes about a minimum of 15 days.

What is the time from application to pitching on stage?

Typically it takes about 4 weeks of TAT, depending on the proximity of the next scheduled event.

What is the frequency of the events?

Once a season is live, every event happens in a gap of 4-5 weeks.

Which city do we get to pitch in?

The schedule of upcoming events is decided on ongoing basis. It is difficult to know this before hand.